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Here you can find our latest videos going over various elements of the social housing sector, examining problems and presenting solutions.

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How Peabody is combatting condensation, damp and mould at Thamesmead

This video goes over the tactics Peabody have deployed to all but eliminate condensation, damp and mould problems at their Thamesmead estate.


Combatting Disrepair Explained

This video goes over what can be done to help combat disrepair in the social housing sector, as well as why these problems exist in the first place.


Boiler Maintenance Explained

This video goes over how new technology can and has been deployed to help improve the process of maintaining boilers throughout the social housing sector.


Retrofit Validation Explained

This video examines and explains the process of retrofit validation, why technology is needed to help this process as well as what social housing providers can do right now.


Fuel Poverty Explained

This video goes over the problems that exist in social housing when it comes to fuel poverty, as well as what can be done to contain and prevent the problem.

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